How am I using my time?

I’ve been my own worst enemy when it comes to time management. Way back when, it was procrastinating on papers for my undergraduate work, to more recently staying up to late to aimlessly consume light media until all hours of the morning. Looking back at it, even with two growing boys to enjoy and a career that needs more of my personal resources, time management has been my enemy. Via LinkedIn I stumbled upon the book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, which has been like Manna from Heaven for me. We don’t need more, we need to do less better. One major personal downfall is thinking that I can do it all, until I’m ready to emotionally pop…the idea that I’m somehow a superhuman who can do and achieve vastly more than anyone else is flawed to a wise person, but wasn’t so to me.

In the coming weeks and months I’ll be more deliberate to be careful about what I’m doing with my time and how I’m committing myself to tasks. More doesn’t make us happy, it only makes me try to do even more. I need to do less better…

Student Ownership of Learning – what goes into a tech plan these days

Our Department of Public Instruction will be announcing this winter that Technology Plans will be required again in order to be able to apply for certain grant money. Rumor has it, that it will be based off of North Carolina Digital Learning Plan from the Friday Institute at North Carolina State. I highly encourage reading the summary – good, comprehensive stuff!

We have moved toward building one with this plan in mind. We in Wisconsin were used to technology plans that touted computer replacement schedules and PD plans for the future (few of which were ever followed through on in any district I worked for). Actually I wrote two and then left the next year, so when the author takes off, fidelity can’t really be reasonably expected.

The initial meeting we used a truncated version of The World Cafe to get feedback on the three different areas of our Future Plan – Personalizing Learning, Transforming Teaching and Evolving Structures. After all three teams shared idea we voted on what themes do we want to focus on.

I was so excited to see what took top building – Ownership of Student Learning. Wow! What power does that have coming from your staff, unsolicited!

——The 61-yard touchdown pass from Rodgers to Rodgers interrupted my writing——

There have been times when I’ve questioned if that’s an appropriate target for a tech plan, but every time I ask for an opinion on it from someone I respect, it has been reinforced 100% of the time. It’s amazing to me, how far we’ve come in 10 years. First it was about replacing labs, then it was about the latest, greatest app…now folks in the right frame of mind know its about moving toward empowerment and ownership of student learning. It should have always been there, but now we have the tools that can do it.

It’s a great time to be in education!!!