Mic drop statement from @leanenterprise_

“If we had one superpower it would be to magically appear whenever a problem or new opportunity was under discussion. Our mission would be to prevent anybody from commencing a major program to solve the problem of pursue the opportunity until they do the following:

  • Define the measurable business outcome to be achieved
  • Build the smallest possible prototype capable of demonstrating measurable progress towards that outcome
  • Demonstrate that the proposed solution actually provides value to the audience it is designed for”

Buy the book – it’s well worth it!



Blast from the past – high school library as quiet study location

The district I work at is trying something different. After flagging test scores we’re looking to create spaces where quiet study is a norm. For us, the library will be that place in 2017-2018. Classes that come in to work with faculty will be there to collaborate and use flexible work space as need be. During our flexible learning periods (opposite of lunch and at the end of the day) the library will be the quiet sanctuary for learning. This is a 180 that I’ve been fighting against since 2003, but we need to try something new. When wifi is ubiquitous, each student has a device and flexible learning spaces are everywhere, the library isn’t the sole gate keeper of technology and collaboration. From my PoV the library needs to new differentiate.

The only thing I know for sure, if there is an issue the organization has to try something different. Insanity is expecting different outputs form the same old inputs. Maybe some in libraries will think I am in insane for going along with it, but we’re going to see how it goes.