#AI in the Classroom

I have no doubt that AI will be able to do great things in the classroom with the right data, tutorials and privacy configuration in place. The future is bright in my opinion. On the other hand, I read this piece from MIT Technology Review and it got me thinking of requests other school technology leader have gotten…


…I want an Amazon Echo in my classroom…or I want Google Home.

My question is “what’s the point?” Other than to act innovative or wanting to make IT look like the bad guy with network shackles, I fail to see the reason we want something in the classroom kids and blurt out questions to and (maybe) get an answer. As the MIT piece opens with, my kids also like to ask Alexa to play Raining Tacos…but for learning. I’m not seeing it. Answers to questions are a question in Google away. The need for AI assistants in classrooms isn’t a legitimate learning need. It’s a gadget in search of a problem to fix or need to meet.

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