How do we define/credential a school technology leader? #CETL @cosn @WisconsinDPI

Sometime around the turn of the century Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction created a 92 administrative license for an “instructional technology coordinator.” This is what they came up with.

Today, it’s pretty much dead, because colleges and universities can’t find enough students to keep a program going. I never took on the task, because I didn’t see the value. I went the principal/director of instruction route in grad school because I thought it was more useful to build my skill set in those places – school law, operating a school, working with families and improving instruction. I stand by my decision for grad school, but 1.5 years into the role of technology director I see the folly of not having a deeper understanding of storage, networking and the nuts and bolts of student information systems.

I believe CoSN has done a nice job with their CETL framework. I passed Exam I and am currently waiting on results from Exam II, which is essay based. In the next few years I’d like to see state education organizations adopt these types of nationally standardized expectations for school leaders. The CEO of Manpower in Milwaukee is a fellow school parent and when I heard him speak last year at a school function he spoke about the importance of certifications to prove one’s ability in a field – Cisco networking, project management, HR – that is the future, not more grad school programs. In a world where folks may need to change careers multiple times, no one can afford to keep going back to school. They need to pick up skills through alternative methods and reinvent their career. It would make sense for education to take a hint from the labor markets and move in that direction.

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