Potential Summer Reads #CreativeSchools #TeamofTeams

Sitting watching my boys throw rocks in the Marina in Port right now. For whatever reason I just remember I wanted to share a couple of book titles I finished up over the last few weeks.

The new Ken Robinson book was enjoyable and was made even better for me because he reads the audio book. It was like an 8 hour TED Talk. He basically takes all the concepts he’s forced to cram into 18 minutes of a speech and goes into detail on those concepts with real examples of Creative Schools.
An even better for me was General Stanley McCrystal’s book Team of Teams. He relates the work they had to do to combat Al Qaeda in Iraq – moving the U.S. Military operations in the Middle East from a ridged hierarchy to an adaptable network – to work in medicine, business and all sorts of other organizations.

If you’re looking for something to enjoy, check these out! 

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