The Innovator’s DNA – Observation – It all comes back to #designthinking

A few months back I grabbed Innovator’s DNA on Audible. At the time, for whatever reason, it wasn’t speaking to me so stopped (because there is no shame in not reading something all the way through if it’s not making an impact on you). This week I felt like picking it back up…I mean re-downloading it. Today while Lola was getting a good run in at the dog park in Grafton, I listened to the chapter on Skill 3 – Observing. The authors focus on the power of seeing your clients, students, ultimate users, whatever you want to call them using your product or experiencing your the services you provide in order to gain insights on what might be able to be improved. This only reinforces for me the power of Design Thinking, because it all comes back to your end user’s experience. In addition, this reminds me I need to, and our other IT staffers need to get into classrooms to see what our students and teachers are doing with the products and services we provide.

This week we kicked off a new season of technology planning and I’m committed to making it meaningful. I’ve written all sort of tech plans with all sorts of good stuff in it…but little was ever accomplished. I’ve enjoyed our conversations with staff and look forward to gaining insights from more folks. My biggest problem is to not give out leading questions…I need to remember the value comes from letting your stakeholders the plan direction and meaning.

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