What’s in a Professional Association that is Valuable to you?

Some professional organizations help you cover your rear if something – legally gets sideways for you as an administrator. Others crank out high-quality publications that feature content from major authors. As fall beings to unwind, that means its time for me to re-up my memberships or reflect on what I’ve gotten out of this member/organization relationship. Is the glossy cover with a 7-page article from that assessment guru that pretty much regurgitated a summary of his 315 page book worth it?

I think for me it comes down to the connections the organization helps make and the quality of information that they share with members. No surprise I’m a big CoSN fan for both those reasons. The whitepapers, reports and vision they share with members is VERY meaningful to me personally and professionally. Being invited to participate in the CETL Summit last spring was a kind gesture on their part and an extremely meaningful opportunity for me. CoSN will likely have me as a member until I die. ISTE was a little bit of a tough sell for me this year, but I feel obligated as an ed tech professional. Plus their new entersekt publication caught my eye last year with some good content. Thankfully I feel like they’re moving away from being the flipped learning/it’s all about apps professional group…and that’s a good thing.

One of my thoughts has been to take some of the money I have spend on organizations (the ones I’m on the fence about) and put it into Harvard Business Review or MIT Sloan Sloan Management Review. Lately I’m getting a lot out of publications like those as I focus more on management and organizational development. I diversity of thoughts to reflect on has never hurt anyone!

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