You know #SAMR and #TPACK and Donner and Blitzen…will any instructional technology framework ever catch on?

Many smart people have done work create frameworks for teachers to follow to improve/deepen the usage of instructional technologies. I even gave it a stab once upon a time with Doug Johnson.

Of course you have SAMR and TPACK.

At SLATE this year in Wisconsin, Scot McLeod asked what effective technology integration looks like. He shared with us a collaborative work called trudacot. You can read more about it here and here and watch McLeod’s presentation below.

Will any of them be adopted on a large scale? I’m not talking about Charlotte Danielson – taking the world by storm adopted, but widely used and accepted as the or one of the standards for educators to follow?

I’m not convinced anything will ever organically catch on, just fill niches. In the end, it all comes back to what the research says about good instruction and timely, descriptive feedback. Currently I believe we’re better off following the work of John Hattie and Danielson on what impacts learning. Hattie’s work tracks that formative evaluation and feedback have high effect sizes – there are plenty of technologies out there that can streamline feedback loops between student and teacher (but we need to remember that humans can only assess meaningful work so quickly…). Danielson’s Domain 3 lauds student leadership in learning – I can see that taking place in one of our computer programming classes that is offered online, but the group meets everyday in school. Those students have found online resources to learn from that are far superior to the book they’ve been given. They teach each other and share those resources. It’s been a neat group to watch come together.

In my opinion this is just another reality of technology taking a back seat – as it should – so the focus can be on learning.

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